Offices for rent


Warehouse and space for shops:

- 1st floor: 1545.1 sq.m. + mezzanine 137.24 sq.m. (a large space with high ceilings, windows to 'Darius ir Girėno' street, good entrance, four gates for trucks to load and unload products, perfectly visible from the street). There is an option to divide the space and rent a smaller area.


Office area (you can rent a single room or the entire floor):

- 2nd floor: 85.74 sq.m. (there is a separate stairway, entrance from the east side of the building, windows oriented to the north / east / south directions).

- 3rd floor: 1,460.41 sq.m. (2 elevators, 3 stairways, common WC).

- 4th floor: 1,271.01 sq.m. (2 elevators, 3 stairways, common WC).

- 5th floor: 836.05 sq.m. (2 elevators, 3 stairways, common WC, 155 sq.m. terrace, beautiful view of the city from the windows).


- Basement: 277.63 sq.m. (can be entered via the underground car park entrance, large cargo trucks will not be able to enter).

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